Love The Live Oak

A typical Live Oak in this part of Florida. And we thought our coach was big!

A typical Live Oak in this part of Florida. And we thought our coach was big!

We never tire of seeing the Live Oak trees growing majestically here in the south-east US. These huge stately trees are almost always partnered with their best friend Spanish Moss and are everywhere.

But somehow, the ones in the Flagler Beach area seem more magnificent than most others. That’s our motorhome parked in the shade of one in our RV park. I’m not sure how tall a tree this one is, but our coach is 12′ 6″ and to me, the tree looks 8 or 10 times that height.


IMAG1847Yesterday was the warmest day we’ve seen since earl September when  the temperature got into the mid 80’s here, but today’s forecast says we will  only reach the 70 degree mark today. So if there was ever to be a “relaxing by the pool” day yesterday was it. What a great afternoon; our routine was splash around a bit, then relax in the sun, maybe read a few pages. Then repeat.

Poll Results

The first thing I learned about polls is that most people don’t bother with them. When you look at the hundreds of people who read that page, less than 10% actually took the poll. But of those who did over 50% of us are enjoying our motorhome, followed by about 22% favoring their 5th. Next up were readers who don’t have an RV followed by trailers and park models. To all of you, thanks for giving me your thoughts

Let me ask you one more question: If you had a blog, with Poll Daddy installed, what questions would you like to ask? If you look in yesterday’s comments you’ll see that Sheila has already offered her suggestion.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 thoughts on “Love The Live Oak

  1. Hi: We are currently in St Augustine, departing Monday, heading south. Not sure of our next destination at this time. Let us know your travel plans and perhaps we can connect for a visit.

  2. Well howdy neighbor!
    And we are a few miles down the road near Flagler Beach. We leave here
    tomorrow morning and move a whole 9 miles south to Sunshine Holiday RV Park
    on the northwest end of Daytonna for a week, then off to the gulf coast
    around Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda.
    Then thanks to your recommendation we are booked in to Pensacola Beach for
    January and February before going to New Orleans.

    The V’s

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