We Love Southwest Texas


Warm sunny days, cool star filled nights. You can see for miles, there’a no  traffic, what few people you meet are friendly and the scenery is amazing.

When we last chatted we were in Austin. We left there on Tuesday morning firmly convinced we are not city mice any more. A couple of hours later we were settled in to a county park near Fredricksburg, feeling a lot more relaxed in our new more rural atmosphere.


Yes, we did the main drag and checked out all the touristy type shops, but bigger news for me was a couple of hours we spent one afternoon in Luckenbach Texas. “Let’s go to Luckenbach” is one of  the first country tunes I recall and to actually visit the place and sit around  the bar with the musicians , sharing a cool one is at the very least ” memorable”.


Thanks to the Sheppards’ suggestion we also checked out the Enchanted Rock and loved hiking for a few hours around there. We will do that again, but in next time we will do it without the rain.

From Fredricksburg we moved on past Del Rio to our current location at Seminole Canyon State Park. Now this is camping!  As I two finger this post I can watch Marilyn through the windshield as she and the dogs  explore thousands of acres of nothing  but sagebrush and cactus.

From here, tomorrow, we will move off up the road to Big Bend National Park. But not before we hike our butts off in this gorgeous country.


The only real negative out here in the middle of  nowhere is that our internet is sketchy at best, but you know what? Mare and I are actually getting to  know each other again. We’ve actually been seen talking face to face. We even agree, we still love each other.

Those Internet gods are telling me my time is done here so once again, thanks for the read.  Let’s all be kind to each  other.

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  1. Lots of Texas historical events in that section of Texas to check out too. Be aware of interlopers though – not all are intent on gaining citizenship the OBama way. Save some sights as I plan to be there next year.

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