Looking Back At The TechnoGeek Rally

Our thanks to Chris and Jim Guld (pictured here) along with Phil and Tracey May, our instructors. You did us proud! Thanks again

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we finished our week-long education at the TechnoGeek Rally we attended in Bushnell.
We are still a little amazed by it all.
Most of us RVers are a way more into computers, email and technology than our stick-house bound friends and relatives because technology makes communicating with friends, family and especially the grand kids while roaming around North America easy and  all just so much more fun.
In our first shot at full-timing back in 2001 I’m sure we spent thousands of dollars communicating with just our families and now looking back, the money was nothing compared to the extreme levels of frustration. Raise your hand if you remember bad dial-up.

Technology has certainly come a long ways in the past 10 years and we can only imagine what’s coming at us over the next 10. Sorry guys, If nothing more, it’s time to admit that technology is here to stay and we better get used to it. As sure as fuel injection replaced the carburetor, the computer,tablet and smart phone are here to stay, like it or not.

Recently Chris Guld posted her recollections of the rally on her blog on RV.Net and you can read that here. If you look closely, you’ll even see Marilyn and I smiling back at you.

I can not recommend this rally enough. Whether you are a computer school graduate or are barely able to find the on/off button on your %$#*&^ device, these guys speak to us on all levels. I know some of my regular readers have subscribed to Chris’s completely free regular newsletter and I congratulate you all for that. We can all benefit from good information, especially when it’s free. It took me 5 or 6 years to graduate from the free newsletter before I finally became a member and then did the rally. I should have done it sooner but the good news is that I finally did it

Cold Front Coming In

The weatherman is telling us that this will be our last day of mid 80 degree weather for a few days. Today we can enjoy a high of 82 but look out for tomorrow when our high will be closer to 62. It’s all good though, we’ll be back in the high 70’s by Christmas so somebody better make sure that Santa brings his speedo.

I may not have had the best childhood, but I’ve certainly had the longest!

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  1. does the rally cover mac/apple products also? or just PCs…maybe I’m too old to learn??? lol..glad you enjoyed it…Merry Christmas to you and Mar…we’re all booked in and confirmed for the show in January 🙂

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