So Long Sweet Toilet

Bye bye beloved biffy

Bye bye beloved biffy

We start this morning with 2 minutes of silence so we can focus on some of the best of times we shared with our recently departed toilet. She ( or was it he?) served us to the very end, even when he/she was mortally wounded. Yesterday at 1 pm CST it was taken from us by the competent and caring people from Mr Mobile RV Repair.
It was a strange relationship we had with our biffy. It was only the last few days we found out its name and then only so we could replace it. Turns out it was called Thetford 34425, rather a strange name for a toilet don’t you think. We also learned it was ” high stature” and was bone in color. It knew so much of us, gazing up into our innards many times every day for the past 1200 days  and in return, other than regular cleaning, we never even said “We thank you toilet”.

I swear I have learned my lesson. First thing I did this morning was to hug our new throne. Today we will name it and properly welcome it to our home. But first, please let me say one last goodbye to Thetford 34425.

Good bye old friend.

And the adventure continues

We travel to meet new people, see new places and take part in new adventures. Have you seen the weather warnings out for the Florida panhandle?

We are about to set out on a new adventure!

In case you missed it, there is a severe winter storm warning out for our area. They tell us it will be the worst in 25 years. They are talking freezing rain (maybe inches) sleet, snow, strong winds, the whole deal. They have already  closed all the schools, universities, government offices and beyond.

They are warning the locals to prepare for this like they would prepare for a hurricane. Our TV tells us that the stores are already out of water, heaters, generators, pipe insulation and all things storm related. And here we sit, ready to report on it all. There is good news ahead though, we will be back in the 70’s by the weekend.

Today we close with one last salute to our recently departed.  But before I go I want to thank you for both for dropping by and your kind thoughts in our time of need.

Ode to a Toilet

The love of my life, is not my dear wife,
But a toilet with flush, and extra thick pipes.
To take all my crap, without a mouth flap,
And when it acts up, I can shut off its tap.

12 thoughts on “So Long Sweet Toilet

  1. There was a moment of zen a few years ago when, out at Mosport (it’s called something else now, but I don’t care) watching the American Lemans Series, and there was a DP (Daytona Prototype) that was sponsored by Thetford.
    I was able to show off my trivia prowess by answering the question, “Who the heck is Thetford?”
    Funny what you know, when you gotta go.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. OMG… sounds like a wild day ahead for you guys. Better get that silver thingee out from under the bed.

  3. Sorry to hear about Thetford our Sealand just came through a transplant yesterday and seems to be doing fine now.

  4. Larry, you crack me up! Now, can you please introduce me to your new biffy since we are considering a new one and just don’t know what to buy. Please stay warm and safe!

  5. Glenda, you’re right. Tinny is standing tall keeping us cozy. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be warm by this weekend.

  6. Losing a toilet can be so terribly sad
    We cried like crazy when our “Buster” went bad
    No longer at night we hear his electronic growl
    The new Thetford instead is a gurgling yowl

    Okay enough of the poetry we RVers certainly get attached to our toilet not sure what that says about us. I have not broken the news to Duke yet but I want to have our new Thetford replacement toilet removed this summer and go back to the good old days of “Buster our noisy electronic toilet”. Please tell me they must still be for sale somewhere.

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