Lonesome leftovers

Places Everybody

Every morning , walking the dogs, we see the same birds sitting on the same posts as we pass this spot. Its kind of like seeing the same guys sitting at the same table in the coffee shop, probably talking about the same things. Each time we walked by I would try to get the shot with my smart phone, never with any luck. Yesterday afternoon, hoping they would be there, I took my Canon. Here they are, waiting for me to catch my shot. At the least I gave them something to talk about.

Marilyn needed some clasps to finish off a couple more of her “perfect pockets”.
We found a craft/fabric/pharmacy/appliance store on the other side of town that sounded interesting. Marilyn was impressed. They have a huge selection of fabric and they also have a 2,000 square foot room full on Mardi Gras stuff. Everywhere you look, it’s brilliant bright colors.

A fishing story

Note the curious bird on the right. He just stood there and watched the whole show

We were out at Fort Pickens National Seashore, walking our puppies  by the fishing pier. Suddenly, there’s a big kerfuffle (is that really a word?) on the pier so we go to have a look. Turns out a fisherman, on the pier, catches a big one. As he is reeling his prize in a large pelican hiding under the pier seizes the opportunity and grabs his trophy fish, swallows it hook, line and sinker. So now he has both a good size fish and a good size pelican on his line. He and his buddy grab the pelican and cut the line. Before they set the bird free they take turns snapping pictures of each other so they can show all the guys back at the coffee shop.

Hands Up! Drop your weapons

You can’t go to Fort Pickens and not look at a big gun can you? I think not.

I appreciate your help cleaning up those little bits of stories. After a while they just take up space and you have to get rid of them so you have room for the good new ones.



“I unwrapped my love for her like one might unwrap leftovers. Gotta eat up the old stuff first, as a cannibal might say in a retirement home.?” Dark Jar Tin Zoo

I too had to Google  Dark Jar Tin Zoo too. I live a sheltered life and had never heard of him either. Another interesting story!

Now, don’t you have something better to do with your time then reading this?

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