Live Insects Sold Here

The sign says “Live Insects Sold Here”  with a picture of a cricket on the sign
Insects for sale!

Insects for sale!

We’re in the Handy Hardware Store in Magnolia Mississippi, looking for some more substantial tent pegs  to use on our Wenzel screen room. They’ve got them and the lubricant we need for our bike chains. They also have live insects for sale. So I ask the proprietor “what are the live insects on sale for? Is that for fishing?” He nods and says “yeah” Then I respond “I’ve never seen that before!”  he says “Get outta here! Where you from?


As soon as you climb out of your car they know you’re from out-of-town.  I told you the other day that the population was 2400 and something. Turns out that’s old news.. Today they tell me  “these days it’s almost 2300.”  

IMAG2721 I tell him I’m from Canada and we’re just travelling through. He wonders “why in the hell did we chose to come to Magnolia?”

We have yet to figure out how to tell them that we didn’t exactly choose Magnolia, it’s more like Magnolia chose us. He thanks us for or visit and our business and wishes us well.

IMAG2717By now it’s close to 1 pm and we’re hungry so we stop at La-Mariposa-Mercedes Cafe, soon to celebrate their 8th anniversary here in the fine city of Magnolia. As we pull up I suggest to Mar that 8 years is a good sign.


We walk in, the place is maybe a third full and almost everybody in the cafe stops and says “HI!” We smile and say “HI” back.

I told you this town was friendly

IMAG2707After we order our lunch the group at the next table asks “Where you from?” We repeat our story and they respond “Why did you ever  come to Magnolia?

They’re kind of honored we stopped in their little town and all smile when we tell them how much we like the place, “it being so clean and tidy an all.”

Turns out the owner of the cafe, Mercedes, originally from Colombia, has been to Canada once. She went to Montreal. One of the folks at the next table  once knew some one from Canada, “he was even born there” she adds.

IMAG2715We’re having so much fun that when we finish our tacos, we order the blueberry cheesecake just so we don’t have to say goodbye. It’s good too! Before they let us go we have to promise we’ll come back before we leave for Memphis. You know what?  I bet we do.

“We have a different special everyday” says Mercedes “and it’s good every day too” says one of our new friends.

This all reminds us how much we enjoy small off-the-beaten-path towns. They’re always so damn happy to meet you. Especially if you’re from far-away.

You just know that they’re going to proudly announce to the kids at the dinner table tonight “today I met someone from  Canada”.

If you’re ever in this area and need some insects or are looking for a good piece of pie, we know some folk here and they’ll help you. With a big smile!

After yesterday's chat about spring you just knew there was going to be a bouquet of spring flowers in here for you, didn't you?

After yesterday’s chat about spring you just knew there was going to be a nice bouquet of spring flowers in here for you today, didn’t you?

“Living in a small town  is like living in a glass house”-Mallika Nawal

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  1. Pretty exciting! Being from Canada and all. And I’m sure they were truly mystified that you’d come to Magnolia.
    With the exception of the (relatively) common language, you could very well have been on the other side of the planet.

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