Little Red Pushers

In the two days we have been here in Toronto we have walked what feels like thousands of miles, exploring all things tourist normal and discovering many things tourist strange just like Vanstones always do. When we tire of walking we have climbed on the Red Rocket and rested our weary legs while we were taken to different, but once again interesting areas of this city.
Yesterday, when we were tired of our travels on foot our daughter Pam took us for an unforgettable walking tour of Toronto Island. When we finally made it back to our temporary digs I was even too tired to have a beer!

We awoke this morning and the dogs wanted to go outside to do what dogs do outside. I just hooked up their leashes and pushed them out the door. Hopefully some kind and  helpful stranger will walk them down to a grassy area and return them when they are done.
Today, as our bodies scream “not another step”, Marilyn and I are shopping via the internet for pushers. We don’t care how much they cost because it really all comes down to “Do you deliver” and more importantly “How soon?”.
We have seen our future and know that someday these pushers will be our constant companions so I’m holding out for one in Red Flame. I particularily like the one you see in the picture because I’m thinking I can convert the “quality vinyl storage” into a cooler so I could carry things like say energy beverages where ever I may travel….just thinking ahead.

Sorry, I can’t stay and chat longer. The dogs are back.

3 thoughts on “Little Red Pushers

  1. Don and I were just saying a couple days ago, ‘we have not had any mail from the Vanstones’ and then the next day, we got mail!
    We both think that sounds pretty neat to be in downtown Toronto, even though we have lived on our farm for a life time, we love the city life! Good for you folks! Does this mean you are there permanently = just not sure how to decipher
    all this == anyway, whatever works!!
    We are still hoping that we can work in ‘the bicycle trip’,
    Will be looking forward to the updates in the big city.
    As ever, Don and Barb

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