Like a Kid With a New Toboggan

Like a Kid With a New Toboggan

Do you remember when you were just a little gaffer ( or gaffer-ette) and you got a new toboggan for Christmas and you wanted to go use it but you couldn’t because there was no damn snow?

And your sister got a new doll and she played with it all day and she really liked it and the  no snow thing just pissed you right off?

That’s what it’s been like around here for the last little while. They had snow in Texas, for Christ’s sake. They had snow in Alabama. They had snow in Collingwood and Buffalo and Fort Erie but none in St Catharines.

When we decided we were going to stay home this winter, we agreed we would embrace and  enjoy the winter. Thanks to the colder weather here, things have got a little brown the last couple of weeks and we had just about  run out of fun things to do.

Last Night it Snowed!

So this morning I woke up to snow and I  was out the door before the sun was up, my camera in hand, By 9:00 am I’d snapped my face off, plowed the driveway and the side walks and we had Angel out for her morning thing.

Let me tell you she was not impressed!

She was no sooner off the yard and she squatted down, did her thing and then “plop, plop, plop” did her other thing, then promptly turned around and tried to head for home, warm and cozy home. She had a lot to say about the snow, reminding us that it was not her but  that  other dog that loved the snow.

Here’s what I saw before sunrise this morning:

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My lovely and talented wife Marilyn has been sneaking around behind our backs playing with her new sewing machine again! Today she posted  “The Return of the Perfect Pocket”  on her website. And I think she did a great job again, like she always does. Way to go Mare!

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted”  Mae West


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