Let’s go for a drive

Sunshine Skyway over Tampa Bay

I heard a conversation on local radio the other day about this bridge.

Iconic as it is, there are folks out there that think they need to renovate it

The issue is that new cruise ships are too tall to fit under the bridge and  make their way in to Tampa Harbor so the port is losing revenue.

The fixes include

  • raise the bridge
  • build a tunnel under the bay and eliminate the bridge
  • build a new cruise ship port outside the bay

Can you imagine the work involved to raise the bridge? And not just a few feet. It’s currently 131 ft tall and I’m sure I heard the new ships are closer to 400′ . Talk about “lift off”!

OK, we’ve seen the bridge, where to now?

Mannatees at the power station near Appollo Beach

Mannatees at the power station near Appollo Beach

Last year while boating with Ronny and Donna near Lake Okeechobee we got a quick look at a Mannatee but just saw the back of them. That really got my curiosity going so when we heard how they like to gather in the ponds near the Tampa Power plant at Appollo beach I was all in.
We arrive yesterday about noon to see over 50 of those big gals and guys floating around just waiting for us to get there. Apparently, we got a bonus.Because of the colder weather (their words, not mine when we were there) they come in for the 85 degree water compared to the  mid to high 70’s air temperature



We think we’re dolphins

We have been in a pool almost every day for the past two weeks. We are back to the point where we are swimming laps lazily for more than an hour most days. A little caution here, our Olympic swim team does not need to be concerned, we are not that good yet but we do think we will in great shape for the 25 metre “crawl” in the 2018 senior’s games.  I tell you that so I can show you the pool where we are currently training.

One of the swimming pools at

One of the swimming pools at Winter Quarters Manatee RV Park

“There’s an old adage: the sensation of drowning reminds you of everything you ever knew about swimming.”- Frederick Weisel

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  1. Larry. That bridge you see is new, about 25 or 30 years ago a barge or ship hit the old bridge and it collapsed in the middle dumping cars and I think a bus into the canal.
    Enjoying following you on your blog.
    Be safe.

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