Let’s Duck in to the Peabody

Peabody_Ducks Every morning at precisely eleven am the Duckmaster at the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis enters the lobby with 5 mallard ducks. The ducks march down the red carpet to the fountain and jump in to go for a swim until precisely 5pm when they once again march across the red carpet to the elevator to return to their home on the roof of the hotel. This march has happened daily for the past 80 years.

The hotel tells  the story here.

If you have no other reason to visit Memphis, the ducks alone will certainly make your trip worthwhile.

This morning we say goodbye to Memphis and move a couple of hundred miles up I-40 to Nashville. See you there

“I’ll stay in Memphis” -Elvis Presley


3 thoughts on “Let’s Duck in to the Peabody

  1. I recall seeing the Peabody Ducks’ on TV years ago. Amazing that they have been doing this for 80 years! Enjoy Nashville…..wish I was there.

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