Left Over Larrys


I almost always carry my smart phone with me and snap pictures of things I think you would like to know about. Many wind up being stories that I love to tell. Others just sit in the phone gallery and accumulate electronic dust. Up until now I’ve always gone through, gathered them all together and pressed the Delete key.

When Marilyn recognizes a bunch of leftovers in her fridge she cooks them up all together and calls them Fridge Soup. It always turns out to be really good soup.

So here we go, here is my equivalent of Fridge Soup.

First the wine: Cheap Red Wine is about 6 bucks a bottle here at Publix and in this country $6 can buy you a decent bottle of wine. I would recommend this as a great cooking wine. It’s especially good to drink while cooking and goes well with anything or anybody. It certainly goes good with friends, probably even with relatives.

I’m not feeling a good segue to this work boot picture except I do have many relatives that do work. That’s a practice I am not familiar with after all these years in RV Sales.
I would love to meet the man or woman who wore these boots to work every day for many years. They, the person, not the boots, are obviously very frugal. I can almost visualize them thinking “I love these boots and they are way too good to throw out. I know, I’ll plant flowers in them.

OK, now I’m really groping. I snapped this shot because it reminded me of my all time favorite country, Mexico.
On both coasts, east and west, we saw many turtles. Many adults as well as many newborns.
While near Mazatlan we watched the newborns being released into the ocean at a Tortuga nursery inside Estrella ( means Star in Spanish) Golf And Country Club and again one day on a walk with the dogs down the beach: we rescued hundreds of newborn turtles from under a dead tree limb and carried them to the relative safety of the sea. All this while dozens of buzzards and seagulls hovered overhead, ready for a tasty breakfast.

We need help with this one. I’m hoping you have the answer. This retro Airstream “Life’s A Beach” solar light sits on an RV lot we walk by daily but there is never anybody home. Before we get picked up for theft because we lifted this thing, please tell us; where do we find one? We love it. We want one. HELP!

And so here we are, back on our patio, overlooking the canal here at the Big O. We love it.
Before we snuggle in for a either a snooze or a cold beverage, tell me, what do I do? Do I go back to tossing the left over photos I didn’t use (they are just digits afterall) or do I throw them all in a mix once in a while and tell the stories?
If we keep them are they to be called Left Over Larrys or do we call them Fridge Soup? What would you call them?
Choose comments or drop me an email at amazingvanstones at live.ca Tell me what you think.

Aren’t the ‘good things that come to those who wait’ just the leftovers from the people that got there first?

4 thoughts on “Left Over Larrys

  1. Definitely- Left Over Larry’s or Larry’s Left Overs or Over Larry’s Left but do share these quirky photos. Know how you feel about that Retro Airstream light as we drooled over the blowup RV Santa’s we saw over Christmas. Luckily they were too large to travel with us!

  2. Larry’s Leftovers!
    I know you have this policy of “something comes in, something goes out”, but this should be an exception. Keep the Pics!!!!
    Love your blogs Larry!

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