Last Tuesday

Relax, I’m not saying it’s the last Tuesday ever, as in end of the world, just our last Tuesday on Stone Island. This Sunday we and four other couples head north.

Tuesday mornings at 8am we always meet for our walk up El Faro. We walk down the beach to the shipping channel and catch the water taxi. Then we walk another mile or so, and then up the mountain. Quite a large group this morning!

Aren’t we a fine, healthy looking group of young adults?

Marilyn’s sister Donna and her hubby David are visiting Mazatlan this week so after the walk we say Adios to our Stone Island friends and Hola to D & D. With them we begin a walking tour of El Centro (yes, more walking!)

Along the way we see this old bus. Is this one somebodies baby or what? Do you know the way to Ixpalino?

What’s your favorite color Bannana? I guess with the black ones you don’t need to ask if they’re ripe; you can just kind of assume it.

Later in the day, after a few more hours of walking, back at Tres Amigos we get our daily visit from the dessert truck. Strangely enough, Donna had never seen or even heard of a dessert truck. How is it possible that a university educated lady has never heard of a dessert truck? This woman is a teacher for christ’s sake. What chance do our grandchildren have? Is it possible that it’s only here on Stone Island we have some one coming through selling pastries every afternoon at about 5?

Next you’re going to tell me that you don’t have a dessert truck at your door either, right? Then you’re going to tell me that you don’t have Flan ladies coming to you door most nights and I’m going to ask you what century you’re actually living in.

Donna tells us that at their home in Sacramento they don’t only not have Flan ladies, or Dessert trucks, they have no Veggie trucks, no Plant trucks, no Watermelon trucks, nor Seafood or even Fish trucks. They have to go to stores to purchase each these items.  I think if you had to do all that shopping yourself it would seriously cut in to Happy Hour. They do however have Water trucks but they don’t have Candy ladies or even Tamale ladies.

 Some of her neighbors even do their own Laundry  And they call Mexico a Third World Country


So as the day draws to a close we take David & Donna to the water taxi so that they can catch a Pulmonia and make their way back to their All Inclusive Resort where things are not only delivered to your door, but many of them are actually delivered right to your plate.

I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve gotta go. The Propane truck is here.

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