Larry’s Got A Brand New Toy


On the left is the camera that’s been providing most of our pictures for the last couple of years.
On the right is my brand new  Canon EOS Rebel T3.

I got it a couple of days ago and while I’ve been working really hard at learning all about it I’ve only made way way through the first 70 pages of the 274 page PDF file in the “Basic Instruction Manual”. I’m saying I’ve read 70 pages, I’m not saying I completely understand them all.

But I’m working on it. I study for an hour or two, then head out to practise. I take a bunch of pictures using different settings from the hundreds of possibilites and combinations, download them on the computer, compare, compare and more compare. I then follow with delete, delete and more delete.
Then repeat.

I’m loving it. I’m finding it a very relaxing hobby, and way for fun then Potty Golf would have ever been.

I just can’t let my new hobby interfere with Happy Hour.

4 thoughts on “Larry’s Got A Brand New Toy

  1. Nice looking toy! Photography has always been a hobby of mine, pictures leave lasting memories. I went the opposite way from you. When we retired I sold my cameras, dark room equipment and went digital with simple point and shoot digital camera. I expect to see many more quality pictures on your blog now!

  2. way to go looks like you absorbed something from those 70 pages…pics look great !!! And yes way more than potty golf…!!

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