Larry & Marilyn’s First Day Of School

First of all I want you to know we were clean, including our fingernails. Our hair was brushed and our clothes were clean as well.

I wore a new shirt and Marilyn wore her brand new Merrell flip flops. She also tinted her hair. I tried to polish my sandals, but alas, to no avail. I did however, clean all the crap out from between my toes. We are obviously into this. At night we go to sleep dreaming about being more geekish.

We started school at 3 pm with an orientation and met all our fellow geeks-in-waiting. 5:30 was happy hour and the entire class is already pretty good at that, followed by a great dinner of burgers stuffed with exotic cheeses, a couple of great salads and trifles for dessert. I’m thinking we’re going to get our $300 back in food alone.
Today we start at 8:00 am with a walk and breakfast (remember here, we’re all seniors) and then we dig out our computers from 9 to noon. After lunch out come our smart phones before we get into a few RV related electronics topics followed by an hour on Picasa. Should be a great day!
Stay tuned for my next blog post, which hopefully may include a useful geeky tip or two.
Your future geeky friend

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