Lake Front RV Lots from $350 per month

Lake front at Black Meadow Landing

Nice spot to spend the winter? Certainly affordable too. If you are a senior, these lake front lots at Black Meadow Landing on the west (California) side of Lake Havasu go for $350 per month and if you book in before December 15th you get $35 per month off that. By my math that makes your monthly rate for lake front is $315. I’m not saying you can get one for that kind of money, I’m guessing there would be a bit of a waiting list but that is the advertised price. Further back in the park you can stay for less than $250 per month and there lots are certainly available.

Yesterday we are doing our Vanstone thing, hopping in the truck and going for a wander. We go south from our campsite, cross the Parker dam and then head north on the California side of Lake Havasu. We follow the paved two lane road (a close second to one lane gravel,  our absolute favorite kind of road) until it ends at Black Meadow. We stop for breakfast at the cafe, walk the dogs down to the lake, then back in the truck and find the 5 hole golf course. I’m not an expert on golf courses but I can tell you it was green.

The wander continues, now heading back south, we pass a couple of old mine shafts and some really cool rocks. We are having fun, we love this kind of drive. We check out a few gravel side roads and then back on the pavement we see signs warning us to look out for wild burros. Yeah sure, wild burros?

Wild Burros

A couple of miles further down the road we see a small herd (do Burros herd or would “flock” make more sense?) feeding by the highway. Buster is not impressed. No matter how loudly he barks they just ignore him. Apparently they don’t understand just how vicious he really is.

We save the Burros from certain danger by heading back home and celebrate our fun drive with a snooze. Now that’s really living!

Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back

4 thoughts on “Lake Front RV Lots from $350 per month

  1. hahaha I’ve been a party of asses and was one of the asses lol…great prices Larry…..maybe we should sign up?

  2. Elaine; We’ve all been there. I have personally been there many times more than once. As I have told my kids, we all have an “asshole” stage in our lives. Mine was just longer than most.

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