Lake Eyesore

They say “Everything happens for a reason” and somedays “they”, who ever “they” may be, appear to be right.

Yesterday the dogs were insisting that they wanted to go for a ride in the truck.We offered walks, swims, even a rabbit to chase, but no, it’s gotta be the truck.

We like to go some place different every time so we loaded up, headed into Temecula and turned north on Historic California Highway 395. Seems these days that these older towns can either fix up a bit and have interesting attractions or (this one is cheaper) they can just call them historic and be done with it. This idea has caught on with so many towns that now they are even doing it with highways. Hence historic California highway 395, where  once upon a time, there was a lot of interesting stuff. It’s mostly all fallen down now and been replaced by For Sale signs but ……

Anyway, the dogs are happy so on we go until we finally reach a town called Lake Elsinore (they say Elsinore, I say Eyesore) where you can, I’m quoting the town’s website here, Dream Extreme . I’m guessing that way back off the historic highway, but not too far from the historic downtown, they grow some pretty good stuff, hence the line about Dream Extreme.

Now I so taken by all this that I wanted to share it with you so I even take a picture of the lake (oversized puddle) to show you the extreme beauty (that’s what the town’s website calls it). Turns out that I didn’t have a card in the camera. Thats where the “everything happens for a reason stuff” comes in.

Did I forget to put the card back in, or was it destiny? Perhaps we will never know

I shouldn’t pick on the place; if you like listening to oversized speed boats with even bigger motors and no mufflers pulling unsuspecting water skiers towards other large, noisy boats you might actually like the place.

Every story needs an ending: This one goes like this.Our happy dogs came home and snored all afternoon long, except when they were barking at people who stopped to try to chat.

The End.





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  1. Well the kids are happy with the truck ride and you not the see there a really historic area that you don’t need to see again. Were they historic speed boats too? At least you don’t need to wonder what it would have been like if you never went there.

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