Kind Words and Compliments

We’ve received a  flood of positive comments on the article that RV West magazine did on us and they still keep coming. We thank you for all of them.

A week ago we got a comment that kind of set me back a bit. I had forwarded the article to the brothers at Sicard RV, I guess so that they would  see their wayward salesman really was out there somewhere. They too added their positive comments and said they were going to use it in their newsletter.

OK, we’re good with that! I’ve worked for the family since 2002 and Marilyn worked for them for a few years in there as well.  I have a lot of respect for them and I knew they liked us too, but their comments about us when they introduced us in their newsletter were way more than we expected.

You will find the Sicard RV newsletter and the RVWest article here.

I guess if there is a take-away to this story it’s that we all appreciate genuine compliments and maybe some of us, like me, needs to offer a few more of them.

Let’s all be good to each other out there. And thanks for the read.

. Friends are like quilts. They age with you, and yet never lose their warmth.