We talked the other day about an app we had learned about called LastPass. Here’s another you might like to use on your smart phone or tablet.

It seems that other than Wal-Mart all the major retailers in the US and  Canada use loyalty cards to develop brand loyalty.  When we get down here we  wind up with this big wad of loyalty cards cluttering up our wallet or purse. If you are like me the one that gets you the best deal at the particular store you’re in is always in your other pants at home.

There’s an app for that. And it’s called Key Ring

.All you do is go to Play Store or where ever you get apps for your device, and after downloading, just scan all your loyalty cards into your phone.Next time you go shopping, as long as you brought your phone you’ll have the loyalty card. I believe you can also use the app for plane and concert tickets as well.

The number of apps on my phone continues to grow: The other day I added one that called Google Translation. It will translate to and from  any languages you want. I t appears to do all languages except the one I really need the most help with, that’s southern drawl.

So how did we hear about the TechnoGeek rally?

I’ve been asked that close to a dozen times in the past week.

Way back in 2007 when I started blogging, because of the blog I was  taking a lot more photos and I needed good software to  edit and sort them all. I found Picasa and then on one day I found the GeeksOnTour. Their specialty  was computer training as well as training on all things  Picasa for travellers. I subscribed to their weekly email and look forward to receiving them every week.

We were  in Charleston SC when their weekly feed rolled in. The TechnoGeek Rally sounded like something we would both enjoy and we could fit it in, so we signed up that day.

Once again; I thank you for the read.


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