Just The Two Of Us

James and Pamela at Jupiter Beach

It’s been a world-wind 5 days. We picked them up at the Orlando airport on Monday morning and brought them home to Fort Wilderness. Tuesday and Wednesday we were all royally entertained by the entire Disney cast. Yesterday we traveled from Orlando south to Jupiter Beach.

This morning we dropped them off at the Avis car rental outlet as they head off to enjoy another exciting part of their Florida trip;  a road trip to the Florida Keys before they fly from Miami to Toronto next Monday.
We had a great time, the four of us. We obviously did a great job of raising a daughter and she has done an equally fine job of choosing her life-mate. They are a great couple and we love them dearly. We are excited for them as they head off on their adventure. We’ll miss them for sure, but as we left the Avis outlet, just us and the dogs, from somewhere deep inside my brain, suddenly I could hear the Bill Withers’ tune Just The Two Of Us.


Here’s a story for you

Pam and her Mickey Mouse ring

One day twenty five plus years ago when we still lived in Edmonton, while with the kids at a playground, I found a Mickey Mouse ring in the sand. I fell to my knees in front of Mar, made a big deal about it and gave Marilyn that ring. Pam wanted it but her mom wouldn’t give it to her because “she might lose it.”

Pam has asked about that ring many times over the years but Marilyn never gave it up. A couple of days before she arrived in Disney
World Pamela had her 30th birthday so when she arrived Marilyn gave her the now gift wrapped Mickey Mouse ring. True to the prediction, within 20 minutes Pamela had lost it.
The story has a happy ending though, yesterday morning, while we were packing up to move on, her knight in shining armor, James found itand returned it to her.

As I neared completion of this post we got a Skype from son Jason. He along with wife Elizabeth and son Aiden will join us a week from Sunday, when we get to do the worlds of Disney with them.
I promise, until then, we will enjoy these days of just the two of us.

I write and sing about whatever I am able to understand and feel.
Bill Withers

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