Joe’s Stallion Motor-Trike. Amazing!

We are walking the dogs through the Big O when we come across this trike just sitting there all set to go for a ride.

Joe, the owner of the bike (no relation to Joe with the neat bar) is only too proud to fill me in on the details of this almost one-of-a-kind trike.
It’s called a Stallion Motor-Trike, built by Thoroughbred Motorsports of Texas.
It features adjustable air ride, a heater, air conditioner and much more. The engine and drive train are the same as the ones used in a Ford Ranger truck. They are shipped stock with 143 horse power. Joe has upgraded all the electronics and tricked it out a bit. It looks like one amazing machine. He chipped his  horse power way up  and says that when he hits that accelerator “you’d best be hanging on.”
The list of standard features goes on and on including automatic transmission with reverse, adjustable pedals, cruise and tilt steering …..
Interested? Catch all the news on their Stallion Motor-Trike website

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Here’s a fun thing to do; try a podcast. I met John and Kathy at the TechnoGeek rally back in December at Bushnell and our trails have crossed a couple of times since. Their website features podcasts (like a radio program on your computer) with RV stories and RV people they meet in their travels. Unlike a radio program though, you can listen when ever you want. Or you can download their program and take it with you so you can listen when and where  you want. Give them a listen.


When  I was 21, I got into a motorcycle accident while traveling in Europe and I had  to lie around a lot in the aftermath, which was really the first time in my life  that I became really focused and inspired to write.
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