Jammin Cajuns



Saturday afternoon as we arrived at Betty’s RV Park, she reminded us that there was a Cajun Jam session at the Le Cafe de Musee.  Guy and Rosemary had told us about this one, and we really wanted to attend. We arrive at about three o’clock, find the comfy bar stools we had been looking for the night before, and settle in with a couple of beers to listen to some real cajun music.


“Where you from?” says the bar owner. “What’s your names?” A few minutes later, theres a break in the music and the MC says “Folks we’d like to welcome Marilyn & Larry. They’re from Canada.”  As the musicians jump in to their next tune there’s a procession that begins and over the next 3 hours, all the time we are in the bar, a procession of the other folks in the bar who make a special point of coming up, introducing themselves and welcoming us to their town. While I’m talking to a couple of guys at the end of the bar, (the one on the left is from Calgary)

Mar meets the Master of Ceremonies. He walks up, gives her a big hug, and welcomes her. A lot of the folk here this afternoon are Cajun, some are just there because they like the music or the beer or both. The Cajun folk are a little disappointed that we don’t speak French but everyone, Cajun or no goes out of their way to make us welcome.

But Wait, it gets stranger.

Then about 4:30 they start bringing out the food. Everyone there gets a take out container of Chicken Alfredo with peas, a slice of bread and canned pears for dessert. You can eat it there or take it home, they don’t care. The concept is they appreciate you being there and don’t want anyone leaving hungry.


So we are at home enjoying our chicken alfredo, pinching each other trying to figure out if what happened was what happened.

We only booked in to this town til Wednesday, but there’s another jam at different club next Saturday. Maybe we should hang around for a bit.