It's Official!

Our townhouse is rented to a young couple from Northern Ontario. They and their children will be here for 2 years while he attends a School to complete training to become a Baptist minister. 

 This home is their home as of August 1. We hope they enjoy it as much as we, it’s a gorgeous spot in a really neat little town and has amazing neighbors all around. They couldn’t have done better. As we move on to our next adventure I’m sure we will think about WestBrook Village often.

And that’s what we are about to do: Move on to our next Adventure. Our relationship with Kijiji has been extemely profitable and we hope it continues so. We have just 3 or 4 items left to sell, most of our stuff is in the coach and while we have over a month to go living here is becoming increasingly difficult. Almost every thing you look for here is packed. Our internet and Vonage are going away July 8, we probably won’t be far behind.

 If only we could see what adventures are waiting out there for us. Stay Tuned, I promise you, it’s gonna be fun.