It’s All About Choices


 As we all know Friday night at 50 Point is Happy Hour, an event that we always try to attend.  Usually, after Happy Hour we get together with a few of our friends/neighbors and head out for dinner. As much fun as that is, after a while it becomes kind of same old, same old. After a while, the dollars start to add up (our average bill for the 2 of us is aboput $70.00) and, while I’ve never counted but there may be a few calories in beer, wings and pizza.

Last night we decided to change it up a bit

After Happy Hour and a quick dinner we realize we have these extra hours left over. So now what?

We’ve been talking about getting a fire pit for our back yard so off to Walmart we go. While there we pick up some Old Roy dog cookies for the kids, some other goodies and head home.

Completely by chance, our journey takes us past a Hamilton instiution, the  Stoney Creek Dairy . Now with about 50 choices ofice cream flavors, cones cups and who knows what else we decide we will share (how romantic) a Splitter (If your not from here you may want to know that’s a bannana split in the rest of the free world)

So, now really on our way home we go over the evening. Did we save any calories? Well… How about money? $86.00 at Walmart plus $7. for the splitter, no saving there.

Did we have fun? YES.

Now I have to find some wood.

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