It's A Small World



Meet Alexis and John. 9 years ago we were neighbors. We spent a few months across the street from each other at Cabo Glorietta in Cabo San Lucas in the Baja Sur. Once again, we are neighbors in an RV park. The thing I remember most about John was his tomatoes he was growing in buckets in the sun in front of his RV.

They are on their first visit to Mexico since 2001, we are enjoying our first visit to Mexico’s west coast. They tell us there is a bar here called the Soggy Taco (quite a name for a bar. Hope the beers cold). Just like to world famous The Office on the beach in Cabo. Guess where we gotta go before we leave here.

The hills around here are so colorful!

Same bike ride, looking down the beach into San Carlos. The mountain you see in the background is called Tetakawi (tooth of the dragon or goats tit, depending on who you’re talking to), certainly the signature of this area.

Tatakawi is also the focus of Mar’s current art project. Here’s how it looks this morning.

Yesterday’s weather was, as you can see, sunny and 30C (high 80’s F). You can tell it’s really warm when all the snowbirds are sitting in the shade.

See you tomorrow?



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