Its A Dog’s Life

Angel had a blast chasing geckos

Angel had a blast chasing geckos

Yesterday Marilyn and a group of the girls from the park did a field trip to one of the local casinos. Marilyn was really excited to go and to tell you the truth the dogs and I were OK with it to.

”What are you going to do while I’m gone?” she asked.”Who says we’re going to DO anything while you’re gone.
But we did. We did Guy stuff which the dogs are OK with as long as they get to come.
First we got  a lube and oil done on the truck and while we were there  we got it detailed.

While we waited for the truck Angel had a blast chasing the geckos up the wall of the Outback Restaurant next door.

The auto repair guys did a great job. The truck looks really shiny and has a new sticker on the windshield saying it’s good to go for thousand of miles and it doesn’t have inches of sand in the cab from numerous trips to the beach with dogs.. Then we stopped at a computer store, we got a few groceries, we went to an auto store and tried for some touch-up paint for the truck (no luck there) a pet store for the kids and even a liquor store ( can you imagine this? I bought nothing!)

Why all the cars?

Everybody drove to the Health Fair

Everybody drove to the Health Fair

When we came back to Tanglewood I was amazed by all the cars parked around the clubhouse. the parking lot was full and they were filling up the lawns around the buildings. Then it dawned on me. Tuesday was the Health Fair. Obviously people in this park are interested in being healthy. But just a minute you say, wouldn’t it have been far healthier to walk to the health fair instead of taking the car to the health fair?
Just a thought.

Back to my day with the dogs.

Then, as we all enjoyed a little lunch  the dogs and I, we chatted,
Buster commented on all the places he’s been and how he loves this lifestyle He says his most favorite spots are still  warm, sunny, beaches.
Angel said she was really enjoying this park because so far she has run into 4 dogs she knows from 50 Point, and probably a dozen people too.  Buster commented ”yah, Morry and Tully, they’re OK, but I  don’t like the Irish Setters Mishie  and what’s her name, because they think they’re bigger than me”.
They chatted about all the places they’ve been and all the different smells they  have smelled. We had fun, just shooting the breeze.

Seriously now

A couple of days ago we talked about popular apps for RVers, yesterday Nick of Gypsy Journal fame talked about 15 travel websites specifically for us folks with wheels on our houses. Give it a read here.

– Cookin With The Vanstones

Great tasting packaging

Great tasting packaging

We can’t blame for this one. When you read a box that tells you its free of all the stuff they say this mac & cheese wannabe is free of, what they are really telling you is that the most tastiest part of the whole thing is the box it came in. And they are right! If you decide you need to eat this stuff, bring a lot of ketchup.

And we were doing so well with our eating!

Oh I forgot. Marilyn got home from the casino, still had her purse, her credit cards and most of her cash. All Good!



Gambling:  The sure way of getting nothing for something.
Wilson  Mizner

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