It’s A Boy

If this coach is rockin you can blame it on one excited Grandma.

Aiden Lawrence Vanstone stepped into the world at 5:50 this morning. Baby, Mother and Father are all just fine.

Pictures and details to follow.

6 thoughts on “It’s A Boy

  1. Congratulations Grandma!!!!!! Oh, and Grandpa too!! Best wishes to Mom & Dad and baby Aiden!! Get those pictures posted… can’t wait to see the new little angel!

  2. Congrats grandma and grandpa, enjoy everything that the little man will bring to your life…xox

  3. Congratulations to Aiden. He couldn’t have picked better Grandparents.

    We look forward to meeting this young man.

    Bob and Marjorie

  4. The moment I saw Aiden he stole my heart. He is the most fascinating person I have ever met, and he didn’t even say a word!

  5. WOW!! Congratulations – grandchildren are the best. He is much more handsome than his grandpa. LOL

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