We are getting stoked!

A week from today we pick up our daughter and son-in-law at Orlando airport to enjoy a few days with them. We’ll have the coach set up in Fort Wilderness before they arrive so that those days we spend with them there can be jam packed and fun-filled. In fact Marilyn is already double checking her shopping lists and making sure she doesn’t waste any precious visiting time with having to go to a store of any kind other than maybe the occasional gift store..

While we have done Disney Land in California many times, this will be our first trip to Florida’s Disney World. We look forward to you suggestions about what we need to see.

After they get their compressed fill of Disney World for 3  or 4 days, we’ll lift the jacks and head south back to the Jupiter Beach area with them in the coach where they can soak up some sand before they travel for a few days on their own  in southern Florida, then they sneak back to their reality in southern Ontario .

By then, we will be back in central Florida to spend a week visiting with buds Rick and Elaine before we make a return to Fort Wilderness and hook up this time with our son, his wife and our grandson.

We’ve been planning these next few weeks for what feels like months so after the busy three weeks I have told you about here our plans look exactly like the next two lines:



Today though, in a couple of hours, it’s jacks up,slides in as we go in for some service on the coach.

To stay or to go; That is the question

Many of RV friends move every week or so. Many others sit for months in one place only to return to the same spot next year and sit some more. If you follow our daily tales you’ll know that we have tried the sitting and we have tried the moving and all we know is that we are still confused. Current wisdom is that we’re good for a couple of weeks in one spot, after that it’s touch and go.

We have been at the Big O for 4 weeks now. We noticed after about week 2 that old itch started to move back in. It was like “OK, what else can we do? What else can we see? Who else can we meet?” As our more local neighbors would say “we’re fixin to move on now”

Seems like if we’re not itchin’ we’re fixin’. Or is it the other way around? Maybe we’re constantly fixin’ the itchin’. Maybe we need some help.

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”
Judith Thurman

2 thoughts on “Itchin’

  1. Sounds like fun. I am sure you have heard of this before, when you go into Disney, get their map & go in the oppisite direction as they suggest. This way there will be less of a line up.Also some suggest to get there real early & when it opens head right to the ride you most want to go on.Also dont miss some of the kids stuff, as some of them are worth it also.Hope it will be back in the high 70s for u all.

  2. Sorry no tips on Disney but sounds like a busy fun time for everybody.We too like to keep moving, a week or two in one spot and we just have to go. Thats why we have a house with wheels.
    Enjoy all you visiting.

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