It Must Be Christmas

old Reo truck driven by santa

Some years our Christmas cards are pretty well done. Some years they’re not, but they are always original. They’re usually a picture I’ve taken with some text we’ve added and usually mention at least one dog.

So this year is right on track. Which is a pretty good description of the year 2017. Last November until mid February we hopped in Putt-Putt and poked around Louisiana, Texas and southern Mississippi.. One of the reasons for our early home-coming was our old buddy Buster was not doing well, it was obvious his days were numbered. Within a month of back in Ontario, we’d lost him. His heart was failing and in the end, he had a serious stoke. My buddy is gone, but his memories certainly live on. He was a great dog with an amazing personality. To be honest, I miss him biting my face every time we had a man to man chat. At the time Angel seemed depressed for 6 weeks or so, but now she’s quite happy being the “main dog”

When we got back our “sticks and bricks” house got new windows and doors and we were so happy with them that we had renovated our kitchen before the year was six months old. We got out for a few trips with Putt-Putt over the summer and then in September did a 1200 km (700 mile) trip around Lake Ontario. We had some pretty big rules for that voyage including:

  • We would only drive on two lane highways.
  • These roads had to  be the closest possible to Lake Ontario.

We made it almost home before deciding we wanted new rules and took a major highway for the last 200 kilometers.

Marilyn’s comment when we got on the 401; “Is this road ever wide!”

icicles and colorful bird houses

These icicles only lasted a couple of days


This winter we are staying home and embracing the weather and so far that plan is working out just fine. This is our first winter in Ontario since 2007, so it’s all new, it’s all different and, bonus, there is no exchange.

Do you have any tips on travel through the Maritimes you can share with us?

We plan to be on the road to Canada’s east coast by mid/late May and visit New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. Putt-Putt can hardly wait and neither can Marilyn or I. Angel doesn’t seem to care yet, but she’ll get into it.

Yes, I’m retired. Yes I worked a bit.

I really enjoy the RV business. I love talking to old  (and new) customers and friends so over the year I’ve gone to work when a customer calls, or when Sicard’s needs some help for a few days, and plan on doing the same again this year. If you ever get the urge to “kick some tires” put on your steel toed boots and give me a call. We’ll have a great time.

Marilyn and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and the absolute best for 2018.

Christmas decorations

I’ll bet your town is all dressed for Christmas too.

8 thoughts on “It Must Be Christmas

  1. When you go to the east coast don’t miss Lunenburg, Bridgewater or Digby NS. Really quaint towns. PEI is also delightful but I can’t really say the same about NB. Newfoundland is definitely on my bucket list.

    Merry Christmas to you and Marilyn. Enjoy your east coast adventure in the New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Marilyn and Angel!
    From Bonnie in Stony Plain with my little dog Prince.

  3. Thanks for the good read and we will share our suggestions on the east coast trip when we see you in early 2108. Wow that is a big number 2018!!!! Merry Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas to you all. I get it about Buster as we are still missing our two. It just isn’t the same.

    If you email after January 1st I will connect you with the best ever documentation and photos of an RV ers travel thru the Maritimes this past summer.
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