Isn’t Technology Great!

old-telephone I was going to start with a picture of an old telegraph machine but I didn’t for 2 reasons. For one I couldn’t find one quickly and for 2 nobody but me would know what it was anyway. I bet even my kids, now in their 30’s and 40’s might look at this phone picture and go “really?”
Today’s title is a quote from an email I received yesterday afternoon. The gentleman, using his Ipad, had just purchased a large and very expensive new motor home from his residence in Ontario from me on my Asus in an RV park in North Carolina. There wasn’t even a telephone involved until the deal was done.
Of course, I immediatley agreed with him; I’d just sold another coach while enjoying myself thousands of miles to the south. But then I got thinking at how much technology has changed since we first started serious RVing in 2001.
We did have a cell phone, but the calls were really expensive and the total coverage map included an area roughly the size of Lost Springs Wyoming where the town is so small the mayor won by voting for herself. By the way, she won by 1 vote, her own. (Makes me wonder: Who does she lie to?)

But I digress. We saw a lot of phone booths then. As we traveled Canada, the US and Mexico, we watched the real tech-savvy RVers use their Pocketmail. They would stop at a rest area, walk to the phone booth, hold their device up to the phone where they uploaded and downloaded their mail then hang up. Often you would see them stop at the next rest area, go to the phone booth and get their replies.

We had phone card for what seemed like every phone company in the Americas and still never had the right one. When in Mexico, we subscribed to a money saving  service where you wold call an 800 number, let it ring three times and hang up. Then their computer would call you back and then you would input the actual number you wanted to call. Even then, we would start every conversation by reminding the person you called how expensive this call was.

I could go on, sitting here on my laptop using the great park WiFi. Our Verizon MiFi at my side as a back-up (Marilyn turned it on the other day to Skype) with my cell phone that has an affordable “North American” packagethat covers voice, text messages and data on it, trying to make sure before I finish this sentence I mention my tablet.

Marilyn, when not checking deals on smart phones, (someone has a big birthday in a few days) is catching up with her friends on  Facebook on her tablet.

A telegraph machine used for sending telegrams. compare that to your smart phine.

A telegraph machine used for sending telegrams. compare that to your smart phine.

I’ve weakened. I’m going to close with a picture of a telegraph machine. Only because I am busy and I have a lot to do today. I need to check my email, my voice mail and my text messages before I turn to our Garmin GPS to plan the next leg of our trip. I want to listen to our satellite radio while I watch our satellite TV and read my electronic book on my tablet. Oh and I almost forgot; The spicy boys have invited us for dinner, We need to text them to find out what to bring.
This is coincidental: Jason is right now texting us pictures of their new condo. It almost feels like we are there.

“A CD. How quaint. We have these in museums.” Eon Colfer

8 thoughts on “Isn’t Technology Great!

  1. Technology is sure amazing and has changed so quickly in the last few years. Ever wonder how we lived with out it.
    But I too remember those good old days when life was so simple.

  2. I find it *cute* that RV manufacturers still include a VHS player in their RVs. Better yet, ours had a TAPE player in the dash. Took that sucker out in a hurry.

  3. Oh, and did your customer buy the “Anthem”? I see it has a “SOLD” sticker on it. Or whatever you call that when it shows up as sold on the net.
    Could have been the “Tour” I suppose. That would qualify as “large and very expensive”.

  4. Got a chuckle out of the run down of the technology we travel with. Sometimes we forget how helpful it can be, especially when it is frustrating us. Our GPS has dual function as it is funnier than the comedy channel on satellite radio.

  5. Having worked in the hi-tech field for 35 years you might think I should be a big supporter of its pervasive use. Not so much! Certain sectors (the oligopolies) are a little too greedy for me to like it as much as y’all do. I’m not arguing the utility of communications, just the pricing (and of course the detrimental social impact that goes with its overuse). According to Moore’s Law from the early 70’s the current cost of TV and Telephone are out of line when compared to other technologies. But then I guess that’s ignoring the “entertainment value” of it all.

  6. No vhs for the last few years Bob. They still have CD players but its mostly hook ups for mp3’s and IPods etc. Its a factory order 44B Anthem and it will be off line at the end of April 2014.

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