Isla De La Piedra

The entrance to the Amaitlan garden

It’s been 4 or 5 years since we have been on Stone Island and we can see some improvements. The sand roads are still full of huge holes, there is still garbage where ever you look (the Mexicans don’t throw out plastic, they just drop it when they finish with it) but we see  some visible improvements  in some of the homes on the Isla.

The big changes are going  to happen when they finish paving the 10 km stretch in from the airport to the village and it looks like that may happen this year. They are actually working on it now.

The pavement will replace the 6 miles of horrible pot holes we endure when you want to take a car to the outer world.

But the real change is going to be the proposed Amiatlin  development, that when and if it happens, will dramatically change the entire island.

So far though, they have only been able to complete their sales center and their garden, a gorgeous area right behind the rv park we are in.  Mare and I visit these gardens often. It’s always amazing to see all the different tropical trees, vines and flowers show off their colors. I include a few shots of yesterday’s visit.

follow the yellow flower. We find one more specimen featuring the flower later.

OK, I admit it. We found the flower on the ground. We put it on each  cacti and the pretty senorita.

β€œThe earth laughs in flowers.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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