Is This RV Park an example of “If You Build It They Will Come”?

Looking for a place where you, your RV and your loved ones can weather out a nuclear storm? Or are you more concerned about getting hit by a meteorite?
Maybe its none of the above, you just want to get out of our unpredictable weather we are having these days, or get away from the nosy neighbors.
This could be the park for you.

From Underground We Move To The Confusing Shaw Direct Skies

I’ve emailed Shaw Direct twice and asked for a straight answer. In spite of the fact that they told me on the phone that their satellite TV foot print was changed and it will no longer work south of the 49th, they will not respond and give me a straight yes or no. I have heard so many conflicting reports about Shaw Direct from here on in I’m going to assume they are playing the game that Bell Express-Vu played so well for at least 20 years. You know that game, that’s where they say one thing and do the opposite.

Soon we will be turning our Shaw Direct Satellite service back on and this winter I expect, no matter where we may be, we will be watching the winter Olympics on the CBC.

I’m even thinking of investing in a new PVR.

“Strange things blow in my window on the wings of night wind and I do’t worry about my destiny.”

Carl Sandberg

4 thoughts on “Is This RV Park an example of “If You Build It They Will Come”?

  1. Prepper paradise. I had to stop reading so I could grab a gulp of fresh air. Would there be any restrictions on running a generator? I can barely breathe in a parking garage.

  2. We will use our Shaw until it no longer works. Have friends in southern California and theirs is working fine. The new satellite they put up the first of the month has a Canada only footprint, not likely to change the other two that we watch.

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