Is This Fair?

That’s us, the odd couple in the middle. On our left (your right) is good friends and summer 50 Point neighbors, John and Colette. On our right is Colette’s sister Cece and her hubby Bob. We’re all full timers and will  be travelling together over the next few weeks as we work our way east to the Maritimes (weather permitting) before we turn right to work our way down the Atlantic coast.

The plan is tomorrow we three couples  begin our travels together when we city transit our way into downtown and do the Grayline tour of our nation’s capital.

.Since Marilyn and I hit the road last Tuesday we spent two nights  in Kitchener-Waterloo, hooking up with full timing friends Glenn and Myrna, Dale and Sheila & George and Bonnie, doing a little Oktoberfest and celebrating a surprise 60th birthday for good bud Sheila.

Yesterday we travelled to Cornwall and  last night visited future full-timers Jenny and Terry. They move out of their house and into their new coach in the next few weeks.

If you get the idea that I am name dropping, you are right. One of the things I like the most about this full-time RV lifestyle is all the neat people we have met RVing who we now count as close friends.

As I said in the beginning; Do you think  it’s fair that we’re out here having all this fun with out you? Maybe you should be out here too. What do you think?

I know a guy who can hook you up with the perfect RV…..


4 thoughts on “Is This Fair?

  1. Too bad we didn’t catch you in Kitchener/ Waterloo, we have been here almost two weeks.
    On the road again, enjoy your travels and be safe, many happy hours on down the road.
    5 more sleeps for us, then make our way to Florida.

  2. Well, I KNOW I should be “out there” having fun. Just have to get back to Canada first. Meanwhile, we try to have fun in these here parts. (all grammar mistakes are intentional)

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