Is That Dandruff?

Snow on Mt Palomar

What’s that stuff on the top of the hills over there? It’s an early present from Santa Claus. A lot of the folks down in the valley have really gone crazy with their Christmas decorating. I mean, really going crazy with thousands of lights synchronized with music on their own neighborhood FM radio station so Santa was just adding to the festivities. My hope is that he’s very very  busy now and won’t have time to notice that there is no snow in the valley. It’s OK Santa, we can pretend.

We’re about 3,000 feet below that white stuff so here it was a big rain day yesterday. I took advantage of the rain and the cool and washed our coach, roof, sides the whole thing. It looks pretty good this morning. After the wash in the showers yesterday morning it really rained (for the desert) in the afternoon and we had about a four hour rinse cycle. I’m happy with the results.

While I worked on the outside Marilyn shampoo’d the carpets while talking about giving the suddenly not-to-be-found dogs a bath as well. We are now clean and tidy. Well almost. Maybe tomorrow I work on my armpits.

Here’s a quiz for you:
I have cleverly disguised these bottles by turning them around. I didn’t have any of the correct bottles and had to borrow them from the neighbors. They were concerned that if you recognized these as real beer bottles you might think that we had fallen in with a bunch of piss-tanks. While you, my loyal readers, know that I am never that easily influenced. Anyway, to the quiz.

Which bottle is bigger?
The brown one on the left is obviously taller but the clear one on the right may seem more stout.

I gotta be honest with you. I didn’t get them from the neighbors. They were both mine and the answer to the quiz is; “Who cares? They were both delish and it’s all gone anyway” We have to stop living in the past. What’s done is done. Let’s move on.

By now it really is “water under the bridge.” (sorry…just couldn’t resist)

3 thoughts on “Is That Dandruff?

  1. hahhahahah just what I expected from you!!! Poor angel and Buster….did you finally find them….now rest from your day of work yesterday that was quite the rinse cycle…have a good one

  2. Contessa. Icing sugar is much more appropriate than dandruff. Thankyou Elaine. You will be happy to know that Buster and Angel are resting comfortably.

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