Indian Pass To Bear Canyon

Time to slip the truck back into four wheel drive. Today we are out in the boonies with Ken and Jo checking out some of the desert roads west of the Colorado River.

From I-8 we travel north on S-34, turning off the pavement onto Indian Pass Road. In Canada by now we would have changed the name to “First Nations road” or something but out here is no “politically correct”. That’s Picaho Peak there you see ahead. It’s another beautiful sunny day and the scenery is breath-taking. It’s going to be a good one!

We roll up a wash, through the mountain pass. They tell us there are Mountain Goats and wild Burros here. We are seeing lots of droppings. But the only animals so far are us.

We are now through the Cargo Muchacho Mountains, dropping back down to the desert floor. We find a place with a water view for lunch.

Ken thinks that just outside the caves we find is the perfect spot for a hug from the ladies. I’ll bet there was a time he would invited them both into his cave for a little fun, but not today. Today he’d rather be four-wheeling. Perhaps he’s getting a little “mature”.

He’s got all the girls and the dogs. That leaves me pouting at the entrance.

A few more miles of magnificent scenery and we find Bear Canyon.

If we don’t get cracking pretty soon, we are all going to be late for Happy Hour. We decide to head home and finally see some Wild Burros.

We’ve owned our four-wheel drive truck for at least 8 years and have never really used the 4 x4 feature. We’ve been out playing in the back country twice in the past month, both times have absolutely love it.

4 thoughts on “Indian Pass To Bear Canyon

  1. Wow from west of the Colorado River to Picacho Peak and back to Yuma that sure is a lot of miles in the back country and you did it all in one day? You surely are an amazing 4 wheeler. Ok I checked it out I was thinking the Picacho Peak in Arizona that we go to near Tucson. Did not know there was more than one !
    Looks like you had a great day.

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