In The Pink


Our last conversation was all about blue so in an effort to balance this most erudite journal I think  it only makes sense that today we should focus the color pink. Everybody agree? You, in the back, talking on your phone , does that include you? Alright then, pink it is.

a very pink cloud

What a pretty pink cloud!


You saw this cloud over the Welland Canal in our last conversation. It was your normal white back then but these days, I’m sure we all agree, these days are all about change. The cloud and I had an intimate chat later that day and the cloud said that ever since it was a little mist of moisture it just felt wrong to be white. This is a non-judgmental blog. As long as you read and share me and comment once in a while, it’s all good from my point of view.

Ever seen a pink greenhouse?

nursery with pink lights

A “pink” greenhouse

I’ve driven by this greenhouse for six months now, thinking I need to share a picture with you . They have converted the lights in this herb nursery to  magenta (looks pink to me) LED light. The new led lights reduce energy use, cause the plants to use less water and, for some plants, enhance their growth.

I almost thing there’s a little pink in this sunset.

port dahlousie sunset

Sunset at Port Dahlousie last night. See the ducks in the canal?


When Marilyn takes out her smart phone to catch a photo for only three reasons:

  1. There’s a grandchild nearby
  2. She’s caught me in a compromising situation.
  3. She sees something she wants to paint.

Last night it was number three:

picture of Dahlousie lighthouse

I see a new painting in Marilyn’s future


“Don’t trust what you see. Even salt looks like sugar.”