Imperial Sand Dunes

We’re out touring again. Just wandering around, seeing what we can see. Off in the distance we can see sand. Miles and miles of huge mountains of the stuff. We should go see. The folks at Gold Rock provide directions. We travel north to Highway 78, then west to Glamis, California. Northerners could be forgiven for thinking that we were seeing mountains of fresh powder snow  but as you get closer you realize that it’s not. We are not the only ones thinking this 45′ mile long area looks soft and fluffy. This area is also known as the Algodones Dunes and algodones is the spanish word for cotton.

We find an overlook, park the truck and go for a walk. Marilyn is absolutely mesmerized by what she is seeing. I think we should be there either earlier or later in the day, when the rising or falling sun will create some mean shadows on the dunes. Marilyn thinks she would like to stand on this look out and “plein air” ( a french term for taking her paints and her easel and painting on location) so she could capture the moment. You can boondock on this overlook; we promise we will be back with the coach someday and capture it all, from sunrise to sunset. And while we are here, we will rent an All Terrain Vehicle or a Dune Buggy and go for a spin in the sand,

But right now we’re hungry

So it’s back to Glamis for a late lunch. In Quartzite we saw miles of RV’s parked out in the desert. Same thing here, except they are all toy haulers (RV’s combining a living area with a  garage for your ATV’s). We find a dune side restaurant near the town.

There is  a tent structured  eatery that looks good. It’s hot out here and we don’t want to leave the dogs in the truck. This restaurant accepts both kids and dogs We go in Their menu reflects the Navajo Indian heritage of it’s owners. We settle on the exteremly healthy looking Navajo Nachos. Marilyn has a root beer float. I have a coke, and  the dogs opt for a water.

Navajo Nachos. Fry bread with chile, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.

Back Home in time for dinner and an Arizona sunset.

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5 thoughts on “Imperial Sand Dunes

  1. Gotta love the Imperial Dunes. We have camped there a few times (got our coach and car stuck in the sand too!) met some great people who gave us free rides out and around this amazing desert setting. Apparently some episodes of the movie Star Wars was filmed in these dunes.

  2. We’ve been there too, it’s an amazing place. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a sled and slide down the dunes, do you think that would work? Marilyn HAS to go back and get a picture at sunset to paint, it would be just awesome!

  3. Great food!!! Yummy.

    The dunes are incredible… absolutely have to rent an ATV.

    Great fun. Aren’t you glad you are there?

    The other day Colin said “one day we will do what Mar & Larry are doing”!!

  4. Contessa; I’m sure you understand, nothing against Mazatlan, but we’ve been there, done that twice. We miss our Maz friends but every single day we congratulate ourselves on moving on. Every day we see new things, meet new people. For us it was certainly the right thing to do.
    Linda; Now you’ve done it! You are right we have to go back. Stay tuned.
    George; I’m guessing it would be easy to get stuck in the sand.

  5. Totally support what you are doing and in a way envy you but we are just not there yet. Too many 14 hour days with no days off for half the year makes us just want to sit by the ocean.

    Also when we both worked, me for Air Canada we travelled the globe a lot! NIce to just sit.

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