I’m Told I Need A Hobby

Now that I’m semi-retired its probably time that I found myself a real hobby.
I enjoy walking and biking. You can usually count on me for happy hour and I enjoy photography and my blog.
But I have no sport type of activity that really turns me on.

Perhaps I should put that last sentence in the past tense.

I may have found my passion.
Today, I was poking around the Glowing Embers RV park store when I discovered these great sporting packages.
Lots of Angel Soft and now Potty sports. That room is certainly good to go.
So I start with fishing, swinging or wiping?
That is the question.

4 thoughts on “I’m Told I Need A Hobby

  1. Larry last I heard you don’t fish and you don’t golf so thats sounds kinda silly.

    Maybe just slow down a bit , socialize, you are good at that, polish your coach, do some wood carving to, but last time I did that the knife slipped and had to go to hospital for stitches, hmm, reading is safer, Suzie got me hooked on good books.

  2. humm potty fishing sounds interesting…let us know when the ‘bleachers’ are installed…:) Hi to mar

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