I’ll Bet You Can’t Do It

 Do what you ask? I’m pretty proud of this one. Last night we took our truck to Costco to get a couple of new tires installed. They were a little short of staff so they told us it would be about an hour and a half before it was done. We’d driven 30 minutes to get there so No problem, we’ll just wander around the store.

And wander we did. Costco sells a lot more things then I knew. We usually rush in, do a few taste and try’s, grab what we need, wait in the longest line up, pay  and leave.

Here comes the proud part: We went through that entire store, aisle by aisle, display by display,item by item, discussing the merits of each of the thousands of items they offer, and after 90 minutes we came through the check-out with N O T H I N G.

We had some extra time to kill so on the way out Marilyn had a sundae and I had an ice cream cone (I had to have vanilla, because they were out of chocolate), but that’s it They have millions of dollars of merchandise and we leave having spent $3.86

Even at Costco, it’s all just stuff.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Bet You Can’t Do It

  1. dont know how you did it. we call it the $300.00 club. every time i go in there its $300.00..was the $200.00 club but inflation you know.

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