Ice and Snow Day

Do we have to? It's cold out there!

Do we have to? It’s cold out there!

Start with a below freezing temperature, add a cruel, cold 20 mph wind out of the north and then cover the ground with ice. It’s shaping up to be the perfect Ice and snow day. We get the dogs out but, in spite of their warm woolen sweaters, within seconds they are done, they are back at the door wanting in. And why not? What can you do out here anyway? Even with their four legs they are slipping and sliding.

While Marilyn gets out her sewing machines, I decide this is going to be the perfect day to finish the lessons in the photography course I started 3 weeks ago. There won’t be any outside photos taken today, but it’s the perfect day to get the theory part of it out-of-the-way.


A normally extremely busy causeway in Mobile, Alabama

A normally extremely busy causeway in downtown Mobile, Alabama

Before you know it, it’s time for lunch. While munching we catch up on the local news. They are now added shopping centers to the lists of closures and leaving most buildings closed all day Thursday when the weather is forecast for the ice to disappear.

I polish off my course, Marilyn finishes her latest Perfect Pocket, and then finishes reading her newest favorite book.

We try the dogs again about 3 pm. After a quick squirt they are both at the door. Similar to the highway in Mobile, there is no traffic on the normally busy street the RV park faces. Nobody is moving.

We are so looking forward to getting back outside.

Hey Canucks: Read This

If you are Canadian you need to read this article out of a BC news source. It discusses a new program where by the time we get back to Canada this spring, neither our government or the US border folks will need to ask us how long we have out of the country.  They will be able to tell us and anyone else who cares.  We always count our days very carefully but I know of many who don’t.  I don’t care, you can do whatever you want with the information, but please read it.

A note to my fellow bloggers: Starting today when you comment on AmazingVanstones, through a plug-in called  CommentLuv  your comment will include a link to the last post on your blog.  I think it’s all set up and ready to go but I’ve been wrong once or twice before.

I look forward to seeing if/how it works and getting your thoughts.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene

Much gracias amigos. Thank you for the read.

7 thoughts on “Ice and Snow Day

  1. Yeah for the heat in Arizona, oops but we are in Texas! The only good thing I can say is definitely not as cold as Florida. Our weather yesterday started chilly but warmed up by days end. Stay warm my friends and if you need antifreeze the Red variety works well. Maybe Black Box or Bota Box confident you stocked up when the storm warnings started. Loved looking at the Perfect Pocket those are cool. You are just so crafty Marilyn. Thinking of you both and the Furry Pups who I am sure I am going to hear from complaining about the cold temperatures their parents have taken them too.
    Quick note if you are a Mac user and have not yet downloaded Maverick DON’T! Read about all the problems before you press that download key.

  2. Yes I had read that article yesterday and sent it to a few friends who be be affected. However I am confused as BC decided recently to allow us BCers to be our of Province for 7 months with the Medical Plan.
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  3. OK now I’m confused. The 6th para says BC residents must be “physically present for 6 months” but BC (and Alberta) recently changed the rules to say residents can now be outside BC(or Alberta) for 7 months , not 6 months.

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