I Like Shiny Best

For close to 70 years I’ve constantly wondered “what do I like best? Is it boobs or is it butts?” It all started out simply enough, for the first year or two it was all about boobs. I’m not sure I’d even looked at the other side of the discussion. But then I noticed that as I grew older the backside was catching my interest a bit too. It’s been a constant dilemma for years, kind of like “what do I like best? Ale or Lager? I was pondering all of this yesterday as I was polishing our coach and looking across the street as our new neighbor Juan was polishing his coach and my lifelong problem was suddenly solved. Maybe it’s an age thing and I still like boobs, butts, lager and ale but what I like best of all, what really gets my blood going these days is a shiny coach. And now I know I’m not alone. I mean when Juan and I get together after polishing do we discuss how our favorite women look? Nope, we don’t even mention them. We do discuss which brand of polish we use and what part we touched first. We even invite other men to touch our shiny coach. It’s a whole different conversation then boobs and butts, we can ¬†go right to the shiny stuff. I admit, my head still turns when I pass a pretty girl but I don’t stop and stare like I do when I see a bright and shiny vehicle. For one thing, I’ll never get in trouble for looking at another man’s shiny coach.

OK, boobs and butts are fun too! It’s all good.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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