I Have Something That You Don’t

At least I hope you don’t.

This story starts way back in late April (to me anything older than yesterday seems to be “way back”).  Every spring when we get back both our motor home and I go for a Lube, Oil, Filter  and inspection. No, we don’t go to the same place, but we both go. Mine said my PSA level had jumped a bit, so I needed more inspection. Over the summer I go to the specialist and he checks me over stem to stern (mostly stern) and decides I need a biopsy which I had a couple of weeks ago. Tuesday we got the results. I have prostrate cancer. It’s mild and there’s just a bit but it needs attention.

We chose the surgery over the radiation, but the earliest appointment is late March 2011. I’m good with that, I want to go to Mexico and I want to leave next week.

I’m not telling you all this because I’m looking for sympathy. I know you care.

I am telling you this to remind you that 1 out of 8 men get Prostrate Cancer and some of us don’t catch it early enough.

If you are male and over 50, best you start paying attention.

If you are already paying attention, give yourself a treat. You deserve it.

For more information on Prostrate Cancer please visit the Canadian Prostrate Health Council

9 thoughts on “I Have Something That You Don’t

  1. We are sorry about your situation but very happy your a very smart man to have your check ups!! I’m hoping this helps as you know most men are very stubborn about going, but early detection is very important!! Thanks! Rog&Susie

  2. Sorry to hear. It’s going to be good to see you down in

    Mexico. Be strong. hasta pronto, Peggy&Robbin

    ps, our Tigger passed away last week, Roo will be

    looking forwards to playing with your babies.

  3. Peggy; Sorry to hear about Tigger. Losing a pet hurts a lot. We’ll see you late November. Safe Travels

  4. Sorry to hear your news and admire your message to others. Looking forward to visits in Maz with you again this year! Visit your blog regularly so have been keeping up with your life. Can’t wait to see the new home.

  5. Hi Rhonda. we think we will be in Spruce Grove later this month from about 24 to 31. Maybe we can get together there.

  6. Wow! So sorry to hear the news but it is great that you are on top of it and being positive. My concern is the wait to March 2011. To have surgery ASAP is preferred. Is there any way you can arrange surgery now, perhaps pay to have it done? The longer those cells are in your body…well you know what I’m saying. Meanwhile we are sending you tons of love and hugs and tons of positive thoughts to you and to Marilyn.

  7. Ohh My!!!! We have family and friends that have gone through what you are about to. All had early diagnosis. So far they are all well. It is great that you are putting this “out there” to encourage if not scare others into having regular checkups.

    best wishes and see you soon

    Marjorie and Bob

  8. We are sorry to hear this Larry. I like to agree with the 5C’s about having it done ASAP. We have a friend who had the prostate cancer removed through robotic surgery. This was done 2 years ago and he is now free of any cancer and in exelent health. We wish you all the best and you are in our prayers.
    Have a great and safe trip.

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