I Feel Like Blogging

It’s early Sunday morning after a crazy busy week.

Marilyn was gone to Edmonton to catch up with her mother and sisters and as of yesterday, she is now back. We are united again. She was only gone 4 or 5 days but the dogs and I certainly missed her..

Not that we had a lot of time: My schedule for the week was go to work for a few hours, come home and have a snooze. Over the course of the week I was able to crank the time at work up from 3 hours on Tuesday to 7 hours yesterday. And yesterday after the seven hours at work I even passed on the snooze. I did sleep well last night though.

Our life at this point is divided into two. In the winter we travel where ever we choose, and in the summer we are back here in southern Ontario and I am at Sicard RV selling the odd RV. I am extremely lucky I  love both halves of my life. It’s a great mix. In the winter I spend my time talking to RV’ers for fun. In the summer I spend my time talking to RV’ers for fun and profit.

For the next couple or three days though I get to enjoy everybody’s favorite part of working. I bet we all agree on this one, that’s called days off.

Generally though I’m feeling good, my strength and stamina are coming back, my plumbing is working a little better every day. I am certainly “on the mend”. In the short term I look forward to lots of long walks. The doctor tells me there better not be any runs or bike rides in my future for the next month or so. Somehow he knows my bike needs to go into the shop for a good tune up anyway. After that though, let the second childhood (or is this my third?) begin.

Good talking to you. Thanks for the read


4 thoughts on “I Feel Like Blogging

  1. It sure sounds that you are getting better, do not show it around as people will stop spoiling you.
    I am ready for my annual medical tests (especially PSA) hoping to match the last one that showed very low readings.
    Best of all

  2. That’s good you are having fun working and fun playing, either way its about RV’s. Is there anything else in life ? Nice to hear you feeling better and feel like blogging.

  3. Yes we do have a wonderful life. We are very fortunate. Now that you family is reunited the healing will progress even quicker. Enjoy your well earned days off and the continued naps.

  4. Good to catch up with you yesterday, even if it was a short few minutes….from my perspective you are right back in the swing of “working”….looking good too….and yes, I don’t want to see your stitches!!!! Funny, but when one is not allowed to do much, and weather sucks too, it seems a cloud gathers over one’s head…but when one can get out and about, that cloud floats away!

    You are around RVers 100% of your year (us, less 50%)…..great people, great friends, great supporters and adopted family members…..what more could you ask.

    Have a Happy Easter.

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