I Discover “SOMEWHERE”


“Somewhere over the rainbow” goes the old song while on another channel Barry Manilow croones “Somewhere in the night”. Or you can’t find your keys and you think “they must be somewhere”. Or how about “Come on Larry, let’s have a drink. It’s five o’clock somewhere.” Does anybody actually know where “somewhere” is? We know where we can find New York City or Toronto, but where do we find somewhere? Where did they put it? Any hints?

After 67 years of searching I find Somewhere.

The clock tower you see above is on the old city hall in Brunswick, Georgia. The key word here  is old, so 24/7 that clock is stuck at 5:07. So the next time someone offers you a drink and says “its five o’clock somewhere” you can respond “It’s 5:07 in Brunswick Georgia now “.

Then instead of “cheers” you can clink your glasses and have one “To Brunswick” and enjoy your favorite beverage without feelings of guilt of any kind.

One thought on “I Discover “SOMEWHERE”

  1. Hello Folks: just a little note to tell you how much we enjoy reading your blog. Right now we are in Myrtle Beach State Park and so enjoying it. We are only here for a week (we actually have a week’s holidays as I am babysitting Claire until Christmas and they are away this week) and then right after Christmas we are heading out. We have rented a place here in April for a family vacation. Just found out that Porter Air flies directly to Myrtle Beach of which will be so handy. Makes me think of your Pam.
    Have six weeks in Florida until mid Feb. and then come home for our trip to India and then in March plan to come back down this way. We want to stay around Charlston for a while. We have driven through there but have never taken the time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and your adventures there sounded interesting.
    Tomorrow going cycling again. I just love cycling along the beach.
    It does seem funny this winter not going to Stone Island but I am just fine with that, I so love to explore different places, just how many times can you walk the same beach, but all in all, we still did love Mexico.
    Anyway, once again, your blog is so interesting. I am sure you follow Cantessa’s as well, sometimes I read hers before I read the online Spectator! She is something else again!
    Take care. Don and Barb.
    P.S. there just might be a time when we can catch up with you this winter, hope so.

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