How To Make Money

Today was the Westbrook Village community garage sale. Since we are peparing to move into our motorhome to begin full timing again we were certainly up for this one.

As you know garage sales are a great opportunity to clean out the basement, garage and  closets and turn thousands of dollars of really nice stuff  into  a very few dollars of actual cash. It is truly a very humbling experience! I knew we were in trouble when I read through the local newspaper last night and saw close to 100 “Garage Sale This Weekend” type ads and  Grimsby has less than 25,000 people!

It all started out well, the sale was scheduled to start at 8 am, we had our first customers at about 6:45. It was OK, I was ready for them. These guys were pros, they were through our stuff in less than a minute, asked a couple of prices and were on their way. The rush was pretty much over by 7:15 and the number of customers dwindled to a few an hour til noon. Do you have any idea how many 25 cent items you have to sell so you’ll have enough cash to have a cool pint at the pub later? Now do the math when Mar says “She’s coming too” and since we sold the barbeque “we’ll be staying for dinner”.  Let’s just say that if I had of gone to work instead of taking the day off I could have sold a used hard top and made more money. A very used hardtop! And we would still have a barbeque. So we could stay home for supper. And drink our own cold beer. The good news is we took the small stuff to Value Village and dropped it off and then I put ads on Kijiji for the TV, Bike and other bigger stuff we are selling.

Anybody need a good Beer Fridge?