How Could They Possibly Guess?

It’s been almost two weeks since we arrived in Edmonton and it’s been a completely great time! Yes, we had a service for Marilyn’s Mom in there as well, but we’ve had lots of time to connect with old friends and see a little more of the city then we have in the past few years.

We wrapped it up in grand style with our Festivus Western Edition on Saturday night and guess, oh come on, take a wild guess; Guess what Mike and Tracy got me for a gift?
I understand your confusion, I  was completely baffled myself. How could anybody know that I like tasting new and different beers?

Anyway, all confusion aside, we really had a great evening, and even added another panel (chosen by Cam & Abby) to our soon to be famous Festivus table cloth that we now move back and forth between Festivus East and West.

Sunday morning, after a sinfully good breakfast but before we said our goodbyes, we did a walk with them through a local park.

We need to figure out how we can spend a little more time with them all.

Anyway, thanks guys we had a blast!

As you read this, we are probably on our way west on the Yellowhead Highway, looking forward to, before this day is over, being back in the Rocky Mountains, on our way through them to Kamloops.

I gotta say that this is an amazing lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves

2 thoughts on “How Could They Possibly Guess?

  1. Sounds interesting and fantastic as you do things that you love to do.
    We are at the end of our 10th RV summer trip,stored the rig in NC and heading home for the winter ,just to return and pick it up from there to discover new States.
    Next year we will end the trip near Toronto and maybe get together.
    Have fun.

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