How Cold Was It?

I’m glad you asked.

It was so cold when we were getting
ready to leave Edmonton on Monday morning that when I put my bare
hands in my beer fridge (I was re-filling, not emptying) they (my
cold hands)  began to warm up. My original thought was that the
fridge wasn’t working, but then I realized that while it was  about 5
below zero (20 F) outside, it would be above zero in the fridge. We
don’t want to be freezing our beer now do we!

So with the crisis averted we left
Edmonton, heading for Jasper and the Rockies. Everything appears to
be closed in the national Park. All the attractions, all the
campgrounds were all shut tight. Even the mountains were covered in
clouds, just like furniture covered in sheets.

Usually when traveling there are
animals all along the highway. You see herds of Mountain Goats, lots,
of Moose, Deer and Elk. Some days you even get to see a bear. Today,
only one lonely Elk, that’s it. And he (what a nice rack he had- if
you’re into that sort of thing. And I’m not, thank you) was on lunch
break. He was quite clear: “No pictures till I finish this big
delicious patch of green grass” It was gross watching him say that,
he had all that grass stuck between his teeth. Oooooh!  I didn’t want
his damn picture anyway.

We are parked for the night in a
parking lot ( with numerous very explicit “No Overnight Parking”
signs that couldn’t apply to us) at the base of Mount Robson. At
least Mt Robson was here the last time we were in this lot.


As I said yesterday, we sure had a great time in Edmonton but It sure feels good to be back on the road.


3 thoughts on “How Cold Was It?

  1. Last time we were in Edmonton in October in the RV we ( Colin ) had to get on the roof to chip off the ice so we could bring the slides in……then the sewer hose simply shattered into a billion pieces so consider yourself lucky!

  2. Too bad about the low clouds. It is such a beautiful area. Last time Marjorie and I drove through there we had the same weather. Very disappointing.

    Safe travels

    Marjorie and Bob

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