Hottest Day Ever

How hot is it? Usually on a hot day I enjoy a cold beer. Yesterday afternoon it was so warm that after I had that cold beer I found myself craving really cold ice water; and I drank gallons of it.

At 6:30 this morning the temperature is already 27C, that’s 37 when you factor in the humidity and they tell us we are headed for a high of 38C, or feels like 48 (approaching 120F). I have no documented proof but I’m thinking I’m about to experience the warmest day ever in my life.

At these temperatures you don’t need a thermometer to know it’s hot. Kind of like at 40 below, you know it’s cold, no one has to tell you.

50 Point is not known these days for good electricity. Our generator cut in late yesterday afternoon (the park does not provide enough power for all the air conditioners so our generator automatically takes over) and is still running at 7 this morning. It will probably run all day. While we are perfectly climate controlled in our coach, a lot of our neighbors are not so fortunate.

They say everything happens for a reason. Am I being prepared for living with extreme heat because I’m not going to heaven after all?


3 thoughts on “Hottest Day Ever

  1. You share your beer without conditions. No way you are on the inferno journey.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

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