Home Sweet Home

Our goal was to be back at our summer park, 50 Point, by  Saturday so that we could host a family Easter dinner here at our coach on Sunday. We were here by noon.

It’s really quite amazing how much room we have in our coach as all ten of us sat down on Sunday afternoon for a great Easter dinner. We both agree, it’s fun to travel but it’s sure fun to get home and catch up with the family too. Skype is a great way to communicate, no question, but so far it hasn’t replaced the real thing.

We had a great family weekend, now we need to get back into “normal life”.

Fun with Internet

We had turned off our Verizon Mi-Fi before crossing the border only to find that Telus, our Canadian cell/internet provider had shut down their system for the Easter weekend for “upgrades and service”. Not a problem, our RV park has wi-fi. You guessed it, 50 Point wi-fi is down because of the trees. For my last post our daughter Pam set her smart phone up as a hot spot. Yesterday morning I used my son Jason’s smart phone hot spot to get to the now operating Telus website to turn the data back on my smart phone to get us going. Temporarily at least we have our own wi-fi hotspot. Thanks Kids.

I’ve heard from our insurance company and our adjuster, today’s project is to get an estimate going on our motor home repairs.

I seem a little disjointed this morning, the words aren’t coming out the way they should. Inspite of that, you got this far. Thanks for the read.

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  1. Glad to know the whole gang were around the table for Easter dinner. Pictures are great. Hugs to everyone, even the Insurance Adjuster if he is a nice guy.

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