A Home Full Of Art


deserted Mexican building

painting. Marilyn’s first ever painting, Baja Mexico. She calls it the Mexican door


Let’s start at the beginning:

It’s the late 90’s, we are vacationing in the Mexican Baja, Marilyn sees this deserted building, She wants a picture of it. While we are framing up the shot she tells me that someday she is going to paint it.

Fast forward to about 2005, we are at a Florida RV park visiting Brian and Sheila. Sheila invites Mare to an art class, lends her some brushes off they go. She returns, grinning from ear to ear.  Later, back in Grimsby the painting begins and months later the “Mexican Door” is hung in our home.

It’s confirmed, she now has 2 passions (three if you count me), she’d always loved to sew, now, add in painting.

I remember one day we were out for a drive. She looked over the green landscape ahead of us and said “look at all the colors of green.” I only saw one green but her vision had developed to see much more. I figured I better get with the program so I too started to see more details, then I found a camera.

Now we have this home full of art and plans to add even more.

Here’s some of the art in our home. We add more all the time. She sells some of her art on Etsy, and at craft shows. I plan to join her at craft shows and sell some prints of my photos. Neither one of us will ever be rich, but we are having a big bunch of fun with our art.

Here is some of our art, displayed in our home:

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Over the years Marilyn has sewn draperies, made blinds, purses, has made numerous dance and athletic apparel costumes and these days, with her new Babylock sewing machine is just sewing up a storm.

Can I ask you to do us a favor?

This is Marilyn’s Etsy store

Please click on the link and visit. If you like what you see please like it, favorite it and if you have a friend that might like to have a look, please share it with them. Thank you