Holy Shit!

The last time we talked I mentioned that we were having an issue with our black water tank. For those of you who aren’t familiar with RV Lingo, a black water tank is the one that sits under the toilet and collects all your deposits until you transfer them to a place closer to their final resting place at a “Dump Station” (more RV Lingo).

So our issue was that our tank was plugged. You could put anything you want in, but nothing would come out. Sooner or later that’s not going to be a good thing! We started to try and fix it with chemicals designed to aid movement of the blockage but to no avail. No matter how much chemical we put in (and we put in lots), our blockage continued. Yesterday was my day off and my focus was to solve once and for all our “situation”. I started with a shiny new toilet snake and worked at it diligently for half an hour, no change except my snake don’t shine anymore.

Now RV parks are full of friendly helpful people and so my next move was to ask the neighbors for a little advice.

The words had hardly left my mouth and my neighbors were on it. Rick and Bonnie (we’ve never met a toilet problem we could solve. No house, no boat, no RV!) have a super water powered snake they brought over, John and Mary were there to help too. I won’t bore you with the details because we all know where this one is going, right?

20 minutes later, still nothing. We decide Bonny will work her super snake from the toilet side, and since it’s my sh_t anyway I’ll work on the sewage drain end with my snake. I sit down in front of the termination valves and work my snake up the tubing. All of a sudden and only a milli-second too late I hear Bonny yell “Lookout”.

Before I can close the valve I am hit with about 50 gallons of our finest. I am completely covered from the chest down with big chunks of brown gooey shit. Bittersweet I must say. I was happy our problem was solved but not too pleased with my new situation.

And that is my story, as shitty as it is.